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About YSI

Yes She Invests™ is a female investing group founded in 2020. Our mission is to empower women with the knowledge and confidence to make sound financial decisions by providing them with a safe environment to ask questions and learn from one another. Through our community, we provide mentorship, resources, and guidance to help our members develop a roadmap to financial independence.


We welcome you to join our community of over 600+ individuals as we strive to promote growth through the study of investing strategies, financial analysis and financial news. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about YSI and our mission. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Tiara

We poured our hearts and souls into creating an image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core (it took us a year!).

Our decision to use a tiara was inspired by the role that ancestral jewelry and heirlooms played as investments for young brides in South Asian culture. We believe this feminine and modern take on the tiara communicates our commitment to create a positive environment which fosters collaboration and empowers women in securing their financial futures.

Our Pillars
YSI Rectangle Logo (w new TM)_edited.jpg

The three gems at the center of the tiara in our logo represent the pillars by which we abide: Collaborate, Empower, and Capitalize. Each of these pillars embody a piece of who we are.

Collaboration is at the heart of our community, whether it is through sharing financial news, our presentations of financial topics, or Q&A Sessions.


Empowerment is not simply an ideal, it lies at the heart of why we built this organization. It drives us to come together to take charge of our financial independence.

Capitalizing on the knowledge we gain through Yes She Invests™ is the gift that has been bestowed on each of us because of our ability to collaborate and empower one another. 

Beyond the ideals represented by our pillars lies the glimmering bonds of friendship each of us have built. Our community is truly unique because of the individuals that stand behind it.

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